Monday, February 11, 2013

Sanity? Who Needs It

My days are measured in naps, none of which are mine.

The last six months have been - oh what's the word - a blur, crazy, foggy, hilarious, loud, almost as if I'm living someone's idea of a good joke, exhausting, messy...

Having two babies under one year old, but not quite twins, unless you're Irish, makes it hard to do anything else but keep babies alive. That's right. That pretty much sums it up.
# "Irish Twins"are siblings born 11 months apart, for those of you who are in a constant state of fog too

When The Hubs gets home and it appears I've done nothing all day because I haven't showered or gotten dressed, the house is a complete disaster, the kids are running around in diapers or the pajamas in which they slept the night before, dinner is sitting out as a half thawed ball of hamburger due to a single moment of clarity with aspirations to cook it later, I lie sprawled out on the couch covered in spit up, baby toys and Bug's half eaten snack with a small tick of my eye, I developed soon after Baby Boo was born he asks, "What did you do today?" Poor soul. Heaven help him. I yell, "I kept your kids ALIVE today! You're welcome!"

He's learned since then it's better not to ask questions, but instead, mention how beautiful I look. That greasy hair and sweats have always been his "thing" and he's always secretly hoped his house was messy because he doesn't have to open drawers to find things or go upstairs to get socks. How convenient! And clothes and children have never been synonmous. They are born naked, for Heaven sakes! Why should we change what God intended? And dinner? Nah! He's usually in the mood for cereal when he gets home from work.

That's better, The Hubs. You can live now.

So many of my hobbies/everything that doesn't include surviving, has taken a back seat while I have been raising/keeping my kids alive the last six months. But, it's probably time to start documenting my adventures. It's cheap therapy for me and who knows, maybe some comedic relief for you.



Kricket said...

I LOVED it Kelly. You are SO cute and I laughed out loud. I miss you and hope that you are enjoying all those sweet babies.

Alicia said...

Awesome! Welcome back. I knew all along what you were up to. I'm just glad to hear you are alive still. I was beginning to wonder. Your boys are adorable. I love pictures of them. Soon they will be off to school and you'll have a few hours to get back into your hobbies. Hang in there!! All 3 of them are heart breakers, my goodness!

Candida Marie said...

you and i are in a very similar state right now. it's insane how closely our families stage resemble one another! except you have 3 boys and I have 3 girls!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.