Monday, June 13, 2011

Our conversation on the way home from getting ice cream just now...

Boo: "Whoever talks first loses!"

The Hubs and me: stunned it was his idea and quite pleased, "Deal!"

Boo: Quiet for a surprising amount of time and for a moment I can hear my own thoughts.

Boo: Breaks the silence with giggles.

The third time around Boo: "Ready? Go!...I'm not gonna talk this time, Mom. I'm gonna win."

Me: I look at him curiously with a smirk and reading my expression Boo said, "Mom! I'm really not gonna talk, Mom!"

Several minutes later ...

Boo: "You guys want to hear a joke?"

The Hubs: "I'd love to hear a joke."

Boo: "There was a monster and a human bush. Hahaha! - Was that a joke, Daddy?"

The Hubs, laughing, "I'm not real sure, but it was funny."

Boo: "You tell a joke, Daddy."

The Hubs, following Boo's lead said something random.

Boo: "That wasn't a joke, Dad."

The Hubs. "Oh."

We're a highly intellectual family who has deep, meaningful conversations. I hope this didn't go over anyone's head.


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cindy said...


Alice said...

Our 4 yr old has really been into knock knock jokes... they make no sense at all... but they are funny none the less :)
Your kid is adorable!

Sherrie said...

Oh my goodness...why is he so cute?!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.