Monday, March 14, 2011

Brown hair, blue eyes, stripes, what's the difference?

Boo: "Daddy, I promise I'll be a good big brother, I promise! Can we please go get our baby?"
The Hubs: "We have to be patient buddy, we'll get one someday."
Boo: "I want one with stripes, OK?"
The Hubs: "Hmmm, that's to be negotiated..."


Joy@TPMG said...

That is to cute. I love the little things they say and how they say them.

Cassandra Potter Kemp said...

Grey says the best things ever! Really who doesn't want a baby with stripes!

Jamie said...

I love that it's negotiable!

Alicia said...

Good posts. I like that Grey wanted to donate his day to the park. Smart kid. I'm sorry you got sad when you saw your due date on the calendar. I'd feel sad, too. I'm excited for what this next step will bring for your family as you adopt. Grey will be a great older brother and he'll love his baby brother or sister---stripes or no stripes.

TV's Take said...

That is adorable! Now following you from the family blog hop. Hope your having a great week!

Irene said...

Love it! Kids do say the cutest things without realizing it!!

Visiting you from comment weekend love blog hop!


Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.