Thursday, June 3, 2010


The weather was perfect for a day at the zoo. Warmth, a slight breeze and a little cloud cover. This time we didn't leave the grounds with purple faces, sweating profusely as most of my memories of the Hogle Zoo end. We had a great day.

From the time I mentioned the zoo to Boo he has been rummaging through his toys to find possible animals we may encounter at the zoo. "This one Mommy?"

Regardless of the anticipation giggles and whines The Hubs and I endured during the hour-long drive to the zoo, Boo entered like any cool 2-year-old would, not to make a big deal, with his hands in his pocket and limited emotion in his face. "Let's see if this place is all it's cracked up to be," would read the hovering cloud above his head if it were visible.

Now, as curious an animal as giraffes are, and when I say "curious," I mean extremely strange above all explanation, you'd think Boo would be impressed. You think every kid who walked into the giraffe's habitat would be impressed. However, the only thing any of the kids surrounding us, including Boo, were excited about was a tiny little mouse eating the left-over scraps of hay at the giraffes' feet. In fact, before I put Boo to sleep tonight we talked about all the neat animals we saw. When I mentioned Giraffes his response was "Mouse, Mommy."


I love the pure excitement in Boo's eyes in this picture.

The Orangutans were a favorite of ours, especially for Boo. He wanted to climb through the window and play with the large, hairy family swinging from tree to tree. Apparently, so far the zoo doesn't have much to offer if you can't even play with the animals. He asked numerous times throughout the day, "I want them out, Mommy."

Another curious creature.


Yummy slushies to be enjoyed.

We took a train ride through the park because Boo loves, "Choo, Choo's." He is bracing himself in this picture. So excited!


I see myself in Boo so much in this picture. I can't put my finger on it, but I love it!

Yes, I was there too!


This was the fastest train ride for kids I have ever been on. I almost fell out trying to take pictures. Intense. It also only lasted about 30 seconds. If it weren't for the fabulous pictures I was able to get, it would have been the worst $1.50 I ever spent. :)

The bird show I had to talk Boo into going to, knowing he'd end up loving it.

We had a perfect zoo day.


Nick and Whit said...

Kelli - you are a seriously talented and a beautiful photographer. But to be fair, you do have a very photogenic subject! He is simply adorable and I just can't get over it. Looks like such a blast!

Candida Marie said...


Tiffanie said...

cute pictures, kelli! Especially love the one of gray on the train! You are an awesome photographer!

Alicia said...

That was a really cute post. I like the family photo of you guys the best and the one at the end of Brock and Grey. Cute story! I like Brock's t-shirt too.

Jamie said...

I love how you explained the expression on his face and the bubble above his head! I laughed out loud! Fab pics, I love that boy!

Cassandra Potter Kemp said...

Seriously he is so cute! I love the picture of him playing it cool with his hands in the pockets. Its almost makes me want to go to the zoo :) I hope to see you soon, I miss you guys!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.