Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congratulations Master Hubberton!

The Hubs is now a Master of Business. He completed his 2-year MBA degree Friday, April 23, 2010. I couldn't be more proud of him. And I couldn't be more proud of us. These past two years have taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. Aside from gaining an enriched perspective on the world of business, The Hubs has learned a great deal about himself and, in the eyes of a very proud and loving wife, has grown insurmountable as a person. When I use a word as strong as 'insurmountable' I am quite aware of the amazing man I married almost four years ago, however, he has become a better husband a better daddy and a better person.

These years in school as students (I award myself the title of a student because the past two years have been a joint effort) will stick with us the rest of our lives. They encompass a broad range of emotion and experience. Friendships we have made with families in his program have touched our lives, so much so, that they will remain as such for a lifetime. Together we've shared laughs, sadness, tears, excitement, good news and bad news. Never in my life have I felt so many amazing people rally around me with which to share such experiences.

I have had the opportunity to serve and love my friends on such levels I didn't know I was capable. Recently I held the hand of a dear friend who lost her baby. I cried with her and listened while she spoke of her sweet Elena. Her heart was broken and so was mine. This type of intimacy lasts a lifetime. I will never forget the inspiration Candida gave me.

Another dear friend of mine, Amelia struggled through a difficult pregnancy, this year. Our friendship strengthened through her trying time.
I could write a page about Amelia and our kindred spirits. She is from the South and you'd recognize it right away by her amazing 'southern hospitality.' Her home was my home, Boo was hers and hers mine. We could sit on the couch for hours just talking, folding laundry, watching a movie. Our friendship is one that doesn't come around often. It is complete comfort-ability and acceptance. She gives herself fully to those she loves and has taught me a lot about friendship over the two years I have known her. She would do anything for those lucky enough to be around her, which is a quality to which we should all aspire. We both agreed that the closeness we shared is something that only comes around a few times in a lifetime. She told me those such people you already knew in the pre-existence and were reunited on Earth. I like that.

My friend Cheryl has remained a source of strength for me and an example of patience and servitude. She is also good for a laugh, which if you know me then you know that's important. Cheryl has four boys, one of whom was born about six weeks ago. Her second son was diagnosed with Autism this year. Not a single complaint have I heard come from her mouth about her children. The teasing manner with which she sometimes speaks of her boys is endearing and in love.
I was struggling with the grief, recently, due to the loss of my friend's baby. I began wondering if I should have any more children because of the fear I felt. She said,"Kelli, you are too incredible of a mom to not have any more kids. That would be an even bigger tragedy." After a few tears she continued, "You get no guarantees in this life and there is risk in everything. But I wouldn't change a thing," (referring to her son with Autism). That was exactly what I needed to hear.

I know many people have touched The Hubs' life as these women have touched mine. I wouldn't have believed this experience would have been such a profound one. Nor that I would meet people that were strategically placed in my life and would remain life-long, cherished friends.

The Hubs and my relationship as grown. With struggles of finances, school, family, jobs, we have come out on top. Together, I believe we can do anything and we have a bright future ahead of us, full of laughs, more good friends and lots of love.
Thank you The Hubs for making the decision to go back to school and giving our family this opportunity. We came out with so much more than a degree. You once said it was amazing I would follow you on such a journey with no guarantees and a great deal of trials. Well, Hubs, I'd follow you anywhere.

Thank you to everyone who has made this experience such a great one for us. We have so many friends that we will miss so much. We will be excited to hear how your families' and lives change over the years. It's hard to see everyone go, but I wish you all good luck and lots of love.


Nicole said...

Congratulations Brock! Experiences like that really do change and enrich your life. Plus you went to doesn't get better then that. Good luck with everything and we are looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Even if it's just for family pictures.

Nick and Whit said...

Well CONGRATS to you and your hubby! What a trial and experience.
Your post made me cry, which most of the time they do. I do not like this because I'm usually at work. ;)
Love you, Kelli P! You must know that we are lucky to know YOU.

Brittney said...

Kelli! Congrats you guys (I agree, school is always a joint effort)!!! Wow, I can't believe it's been two years since you guys left. Sounds like you've been on quite the journey. Loved the heartfelt post. And really, because it can't be said enough...congrats!

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