Monday, March 29, 2010

mamas and the moon

Boo, The Hubs and I went for a little Sunday walk yesterday through all the old neighborhoods in Provo. It was such a nice, perfect night for a walk. Boo was sitting high on his dad's shoulders observing every possible living and non-living thing imaginable. Being a 2-year-old, everything is a mystery."Why?" has become a very prominent word in his vocabulary lately and was uttered quite often during our short stroll. Still, with every attempt at a reasonable answer we were stumped with "Why?" (You realize quickly how much you don't know after having children.)

Boo asked Daddy to please bring him the moon he spotted in the sky. After a long, scientific explanation as to why that was impossible, Boo peered up at him, inquisitively and asked "Why?" So again, Daddy tried to explain why the moon needs to stay in the sky. Again he was met with "Why?" I then agreed and decided he was perfectly deserving of such a request. I told him I would cast my fishing pole high into the sky, catch the moon and reel it in to him. He pondered my answer and was content as he gazed into the sky. Sometimes, the most unrealistic answers are just what they're looking for.

On the way home we passed a quaint, little blue house. Climbing down the small steps in slow motion were two teeny tiny, white headed women, holding hands, not to fall. After the last, fretful step was conquered they looked up simultaneously and met Boo's eyes. "Hi mamas,"(grandmas) he greeted. Their miniature, wrinkled little faces lit up and they answered with a smile.
Boo loves his grandparents so much and is thrilled when he sees others who may just be as magical as his own.


Alicia said...

That's an adorable post. How sweet. I love that. You need to write that up in a children's book. I think that is the nicest thing I've read all day. Love you Kelli.

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.