Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boo at 2

Boo is talking a lot now. He's using up to five word sentences. He's been talking for quite awhile, but now words are his number one source of communication as opposed to gestures and sounds.
He still uses sounds for a lot of things, which makes me laugh. For a flower, he sniffs, as if smelling a flower, quivers his jaw for snow and cold, says "ckkkkk" for garbage, "Ho, Ho, Ho" for anything Christmas.

Boo fell out of his stroller yesterday and hit is head on the pavement. It made a pretty loud sound and I was sure there would be lots of blood. When I picked him up there wasn't any blood, but he had some dirt embedded in his forehead. He cried of course and it broke my heart. When we got home I gave him a bath and I had to scrub out his forehead with a toothbrush. He didn't even cry. He just sat there and let me do it until I was done. He's such a good kid.


Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.