Tuesday, December 1, 2009

memories to hold tight and never let go.

Today The Hubs, Boo and I decorated the Christmas tree. Although fake Christmas trees are a little cheaper, safer, earth-friendly and all around easier, I can't get myself to break down and buy one. I can't forgo one of my very favorite memories as a child and as a wife and mother. I look forward to getting all bundled up and searching for our favorite tree. One which is usually much shorter and more bare than the others.

I still have an eye for "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees. Growing up, every year my mom would pick, in my young opinion, the most bare tree should could find. Her excuse being, "You can fit more ornaments on the tree." I never understood why year after year we were forced to pass up the full, beautiful, statuesque tree's for the seemingly sad and skinny trees. I remember telling myself when I grew up I would pick the biggest most perfect tree I could find. No holes to cover up with ornaments, no bare trunk showing! Ironically, in my older age, the trees that everyone seems to pass by are the ones that I love the most.

Today while tree hunting with my own little family, I saw my tree, which was to be rejected by an immediate grimace and shake of the head from The Hubs. The entire back side was branch-less and while the front looked 100 percent better than the back, it was slightly immodest, allowing it's trunk to peek through a bit.

As we looked around, we came back to the lonely little guy, sitting crookedly by himself. The sweet little salesman assured us it would stand straight and tall in a stand.

The tree was marked $28, but he said he was selling it for $20. We looked at it awhile and my bargaining nature kicked in. After I said, "make it $15 and we'll take it," he said "sold!" The Hubs smiled.

Boo was so excited to see our new little tree tied to the roof of our car. And I must admit, I couldn't help but smile. It's one of my favorite things.

When we got home we began lighting the Christmas tree. A few curse words later, half the tree was lit. Yes only half our tree is currently lit. We ran out. It wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas tree lighting disaster.

Every ornament we unwrapped was a treasure for Grey to discover. I unwrapped a little purse ornament and gave it to Grey to hang on the tree. Instead he flung it over his shoulder and said "bye!" as he tried to open the door to leave.

The Hubs tried to teach Boo how to hang them from their hooks, but Boo just set them on the branches. The Hubs would then try to rehang them in a more acceptable spot, but that wasn't happening. Even if there were 10 ornaments in one spot, I demanded they stay. And after another shake of the head, The Hubs retreated. To me it's not about looking perfect, it's about the memories that are made and watching Boo put those ornaments on the tree is a memory I want to hold onto forever.

I made some yummy hot chocolate with fresh nutmeg. Boo waited until it was good and cold to take a sip which was immediately followed with a"mmmm."

When we were done hanging the ornaments on the tree Boo laid on his tummy with his legs and arms tucked under him and stared at the glistening lights.

These are moments I don't ever want to forget.


Jennifer said...

That is so sweet. I love making memories around the holdidays especially. I love the story about your tree and how fun it was for Grey to hang the ornaments. So fun!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.