Monday, August 17, 2009

goodbye golden locks - hello little boy.

i held on to boo's long curly hair as long as i possibly could despite all the complaining i received about it being too long and wild (you know who you are.:) he hates to have his hair combed and so i let it do pretty much whatever it wanted (and i also like the natural look. i can't lie.) but it eventually turned into a mop on the top of his head, so i had no other choice.

she cut it a little shorter than i anticipated. i am still mourning his curls. he does look pretty dang handsome now, i have to admit. just much, much older.





on a side note: this is grey helping me with the laundry. he is indeed extremely helpful around the house. it only took me about two hours longer than it would have without him. (we had to stop and play hide-and-seek in the middle of folding.)


he sees me shake the wrinkles out of the clothes before i fold them, so he thinks he has to continually shake the clothes.


this is grey hiding from me while playing hide-and-seek. he has one hiding spot and it's in between the wall and the shelf in the living room. he thinks he disappears whenever he is in there.


Molly Rivera said...

He still looks darling! It's a cute hair cut, and he does look happens!

Saund said...

Kelli?! I haven't seen you in ages. Now you have an adorable family and you're a photographer. You're pictures are amazing! You are very talented.

Brittney said...

NOOOOOO!!! Not the curls! His new do and the raspberry on his nose for sure make him look like a little boy. Ohhh, he's all grown up.

Love the pictures (as always). I especially love the artsy flair they have to them. You rock :).

Anonymous said...

I love the hair cut! It always happens. They look so much older. I about died when Kate wanted her hair cut into a bob. She aged 2 years! But, I think Grey's haircut is so cute. What happened to the poor guy's nose?

Lindsay said...

It is the perfect haircut--not too long not too short, just right! What a handsome little man!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.