Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Serious Case of the "No's!"

Boo is growing up and asserting his independence like no one's business. He used to be my agreeable little man, but now I find myself bidding farewell to the days of mommy's little helper, kisses whenever I want and, well, all-around easiness.

OK, so I may be being a bit dramatic, but after hearing the word "no" or "nah" after every single question, even when he means "yes" will make any grounded woman crazy. No matter what pleasant or non-pleasant question I ask him, even , "Do you want to eat a cookie - while swimming in pudding - in Disneyland?" is answered with "no - yeah." Yes, he is growing up and showing me he has options and opinions and they don't always coincide with my own. He is challenging me in more ways than one, but ironically, I find myself adoring him more every day.


Along with his onset of the dreaded "terrible two's" his most recent milestones include:
Jumping with both feet off the ground. He used to run everywhere he goes, now he hops. It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.
*He started jumping at about 18 months.


He's learning his letters. His favorites include "B, M, P, D, S, L, O, H." He'll tell you what they say if you ask him. Unless he doesn't feel like it then he'll say "nah." I let him watch a show per day and "Letter Factory" is his favorite. He also loves "Charlotte's Web."


Kricket said...

I miss you. When am I going to get to see you?

Molly Rivera said...

We have a serious case of whining at our house!!! But ya still love em!
I want to see you!
Hope you had fun in Cicinnati (can't spell). Can't wait to see pics!

Garett and Maquel Christopher said...

Maybe you should add "Do you want to eat a cookie--while swimming--in Disneyland--with Doug & Sheffie?" Who could honestly say "no" to that? I had forgotten until reading this, but I remember Ethan going through that phase where he would say "No...Yeah".

Joel and Sara said...

Cute Kelli! I still wished you maybe lived in Philly to take our newborn pics! I am jealous you got to see Parley! It was fun to be pregnant at the same time as Lindsay...but now I am all alone...

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.