Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weird Boy (you have to sing this and it's important that you sing "weird" in a high pitched voice).


This is my son in the morning, dazed an confused, his hair all disheveled and is jonesn' for some "juiccccce."
OK, to be honest, he's really happy in the morning and is probably more energetic in the morning than the rest of the day, I just happened to catch a very confused expression. And his hair? Well that's another, em, Monte! (Those pictures will come later. wink.)

It is true. I'll be the first to admit that my son is a little weird. Like mother, like son, I guess. If you're not a little crazy then you're boring. That's what I always say. :)

For instance:


Yes, those are S.O.S pads. And yes, they do belong in a pan.


Boo mops the floor wearing snow boots!... i kid. i kid. That is me. :) Now you're singing "weird girl." Well, Boo makes me wear my snow boots whenever I mop the floor....and I'm thinking this is why: I keep my snow boots right next to the door in the kitchen for snowy days, like today (unfortunately!). So whenever I mop I move everything out of the kitchen, including the boots. He sees me do this and then decides I must wear them. So he brings them to me and makes me put them on. Today I tried taking them off and he just stared at them. I begin cleaning again and I see him with a boot in each hand walking toward me saying "buttttssss." So I wear them. I feel a little silly, but I wear them. :)


Molly Rivera said...

That is so funny! I love his messy hair and big pouty (spelling ?) lips.

Jamie said...

Kelli you have been wearing snow boots while you mop as long as I have known you...actually I haven't known you to mop...he he

Jennifer said...

How cute! That is so funny Grey insists you wear your snow boots when you mop. What a funny boy!

Alicia said...

That's a really cute story. I like Grey's style. I'm kind of the micromanager in my house so I totally get him.

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.