Monday, April 6, 2009

sweaty egg hands

My girlfriend Brittany and I took a much needed girl's trip to St. George. It was rejuvenating, but more importantly hilarious. We stayed with Britt's adorable high school friend, Anne. We had a fabulous time together and laughed pretty much the entire time. Awwwwe, girlfriends are such a necessity!

Britt tagged along my photo shoots with me and snapped a few pictures of her own.
We drove to Vegas Saturday and met my friend from high school and college roommate, Molly. It was so good to see her after so long! We chatted it up and it felt like no time had gone by since we saw each other last.

We got sexy and sassy make-overs at Sephora's, did some shopping and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

The drive back to Vegas that night consisted of a Mad Libs marathon (my favorite game ever! I'm a total geek) and lots and lots of laughing.

The trip was so relaxing and I honestly feel like I came back motivated to be a better wife and mother. Along with the laughing and silliness, we had some really good heart-to-hearts that sometimes you can only have with good girlfriends.
I missed Brock and Grey soooo much. It was so hard to leave Grey, but it was so fun to come home to him too. He literally ran to me when I opened the door and gave me a long, tight hug and kiss. He then proceeded to show me how "tough" he is. (He learned that trick while I was gone.)

Thanks Britt, Anne and Molly for a fantastic trip! Luvs! Check out Britts blog for some funny lil' stories from our trip.

on our way to vegas! (some of the pics are a little truncated. sorry. :(


weird thingy that chased molly down the mall.

scaling mountains. really.


anne said...

Love it Love it! Especially the title. You should've told that story. :) I'll need to get some of those pics...if that's ok with you :) Once again, super glad you came down. :O (That's me laughing so hard I'm crying because I'm remembering when Brit opened that bathroom door on that lady. Aahh, good times.)

Molly Rivera said...

I'm so glad you came to Vegas! LOVED Seeing you! We need to get together more often. You need to send me the pictures of us eating at cheesecake factory.
Love ya!

Bradie said...
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Bradie said...
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Brittany said...

SO FUN! We really need to do that again!

Being An Allred said...

I so jealous I didn't go!! I wish I could of worked it out. You need to come over sometime

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.