Thursday, April 2, 2009

happy fooling!

I've always loved April Fool's Day. I just really like a good joke. So I decided to play one on The Hubs. My plotting began very innocently with a silly meal plan consisting of dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert, but later became a little more sinister. My only defense: well I have none. The Hubs just said jokingly (kind of), "You're a terrible person," when I said "Just kidding, April Fool's!"
"I'll laugh about this someday," he said. Ooops.

Dinner! Fish sticks, (a little on the burned side) black berries, raspberries, and mashed potatoes and gravy.

Dessert: yummy cake with vanilla frosting and cherries on top.

I kid, I kid. Dinner was really double layered meatloaf frosted with mashed potatoes and gravy and topped with halved tomatoes, green onions and ketchup.
And, dessert was twix covered in roasted coconut (in my case, burned coconut) candy berries and vanilla ice cream topped with caramel.

OK, so the pictures kind of stink, but it was fun and Grey seemed to like it!


As for the more "sinister" part of the day: I had my friend who is pregnant take a pregnancy test for me so I could tell The Hubs, "Surprise! I'm pregnant! With ANOTHER unplanned baby!"

So after I was done frosting my meatloaf...hehe, I told The Hubs I had been feeling weird, so I bought a pregnancy test. (This is pretty normal at our house. We basically have to budget for monthly pregnancy tests. However, they usually come out NEGATIVE.)

Well I planted the fake one on the counter and went back into the kitchen for the finishing touches on my meal and The Hubs yelled, quite calmly from the bathroom, "Hey Kell, are you planning on having a Coke with dinner?" "Yes," I replied. "Well, maybe you shouldn't," he said. He saw the positive test and was very excited. :0

Well I should have told him April Fool's right then, but I let it go on through dinner, because I had it all planned out that I was going to tell him after dinner. For some reason that seemed important.

When HE finally realized it was the 1st of April, he said, "funny day to tell someone you're pregnant." Then proceeded to tell me one of his professors told the class, class was canceled and they could all go home, then followed with "April Fool's!" He complained that jokes are supposed to be bad news, followed with real, good news.
"Kinda like when your wife tells you she's pregnant and she's really not?" I said.
He stopped and said, "You wouldn't do that." At that point I wished I REALLY was pregnant and contemplated getting pregnant really quick so I wouldn't have to tell him, "yes I would, and I'm a terrible person."

Well when I told him I wasn't really pregnant, it was a joke, the man got teary-eyed and a little choked up, at which point I decided to crawl into a hole and never come out.
That's when he said, "I'll laugh about it someday." AHHHHH!
Hopefully that day is today??


Molly Rivera said...

You are so funny! I actually wanted to do the same joke on Nathan, but he new I was on my period so it wouldn't work. Darn it!
I think Brock's ready for another baby...:)

Being An Allred said...

I laughed so hard when you told me yesterday but I still feel bad for Brock. I think you have another baby now. :) I love ya!!

anne said...

That is a super cute idea...the dinner/dessert thing I mean. So sad that he really wanted you to be pregnant. I actually considered that with Jace, but I don't think he would've cared either way. I need something good for next year.

Hey, I'll send you those pics from my awesome camera. What's your email?

Jamie said...

Wow, who gave you such a sick and twisted idea Kell??! I mean really faking a pregnancy that's pretty low! Ha ha!

Brittney said...

Haha, love it! Although your meatloaf cake puts my meatloaf cupcakes to shame. And I must say...poor Brock. That was almost painful to read. I was literally cringing. Give him a baby would ya?! ;)

Jennifer said...

oh my... I was laughing out loud when I read this. But I have mixed emotions because that is so sad that Brock was so sad!

Your dinner was so awsome! That was such a good idea!!

Alicia said...

Glad you guys had fun on April Fool's. I couldn't think of a single thing to do except put a bunch of photos on my blog of politicians who I thought were big fools. So I decided not to get political and just let the holiday pass me by...but I love your dessert/dinner switch-a-roo!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.