Monday, October 20, 2008

A Saturday in Provo Canyon

Brock decided to take a little break from studying and we hiked a little trail up Provo Canyon. Beautiful! I couldn't believe it.
I have gotten really annoying to go anywhere with. About every five feet I make us all stop to take a picture, each time saying "This is my last one, I promise!" Brock is surprisingly patient with me.
I'm pretty sure we only made it up one-third of the way and had to turn back because it was taking too long...hehe. Poor Brock will never see the top of a mountain thanks to me. But we got some really great pictures!
Grey loves to ride on his daddy's back. He never complains, just talks (yells), points, drools a little on Brock's head and every now and then gives him a good wack. He's good to have around. :)

DSC_0161 copy
DSC_0353 copy
DSC_0172 copy
This picture frightens me a little. This is Brock pretending he is in the movie "Last of the Mohikans" and just killed a bad indian. Strange, you ask? I think yes. Isn't he just so sweet? :)
DSC_0301 copy copy
I love the mountains, oh so much.


Molly Rivera said...

We just went hiking a couple of days ago too, but what a difference in scenery! OH how I miss Utah!!!
Provo Canyon is so beautiful! Your so lucky to be so close.

Dave and Britt said...

I had no idea Brock is so crazy :)

You make me laugh...after all whats hiking if you can't capture every step. I can't believe how much Grey is growing up!!! Glad you updated it was good to see what you guys are up to.

Dave and Britt said...

Oh, I made a collage using Picasa 3 for my header.

Nicole said...

That makes me miss Provo (a little). I feel the same way about taking pictures of my family. They get so annoyed with me and sometimes Truman just tells me when he is done. You have such a cute litte boy and I love your photos.

Frojoe said...

looks like a lovely hike taken during a lovely time of year!

Sara and Collin said...

Those are some handsome boys

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.