Thursday, October 2, 2008

Been busy...

We spent a few days at grandma's house. Grey loves spending time at grandma's because he gets ANYTHING he wants....little stinker. He thought it was really cool that he got to take a bath in the sink. While he was in there, he thought he'd do a few dishes.
DSC_0004 copy
DSC_0005 copy
DSC_0016 copy
Grandma can't get enough of all her babies! She was in Heaven having them all there, and on her lap. They were all so interested in the story. I couldn't resist getting a picture! Too cute.
DSC_0042 copy
OK. This picture cracks me up. Where do you think Grey gets his wild and curly hair? I just can't put my finger on it...They both were sportin' some pretty crazy hair that day.
Grey loves his grandpa. They have a cute little relationship. Every time Grey sees him he can't help but smile and laugh. Grandpa's hair probably helps a little. :)
DSC_0029 copy
On another note: (Since I know you're not sick of pictures of my baby boy) my friend Cheryl and I met my sister and long-time friend Angela at Gardner Village. It was really fun and good to see Angela and her cute twin boys! I just had to post a couple cute pictures of Grey loving on this pumpkin. He gave it kisses and hugs and was very serious about it. I may have to get him one of his own. :)
DSC_0090 copy
DSC_0091 copy
Grey loves his cousin TY-ty. He was givin' out lots of loves that day.
DSC_0071 copy
Gardner Village is so cute this time of year. I love, love Halloween decorations! They're right up there with Christmas decorations for me.
Cheryl and I were pining after them "when Brock and Paul (her hubby) finish grad school, were going to buy lots and lots of cute Halloween decorations. She feels the same as me about Halloween. Is that sad that of all the things to look forward to, that's what our aspirations are...hehe I'm sure there are a few others. :) Gardner Village has such beautiful home decor. It's kind of torturous to go there and not be able to buy anything! I'm a poor student again!


Jamie said...

I need that picture of grandma reading to the babies, that is fabulous!! I also need the pic of grandpa and Grey, it pleases me very much. So email them asap!!

Nammy GeNee said...

He is such a darling baby with his curly hair. I love the pictures.

Landon and Ashley Thompson said...

Kel, you are truly amazing at taking pictures. Those pictures of Grey are darling! They are so crisp and detailed. Good work. :-)

McKensie Stephens said...

You're the coolest sister in law I've ever had.

Dave and Britt said...

Wow what a great multi-tasker little grey is turning out to be! Really, I think I am going to start washing dishes while I shower. Its a GREAT idea :)

Loved the pic of grey with your dad, haha, too cute and funny.

Oh...and the one with your mom....priceless!

The Riv's Ride said...

Love the pics! He is starting to look so much older.

I have been thinking about you lately, and I really miss ya Kell!! We had some freakin' good times together! I don't think anyone has ever made me laugh harder :)

Landon and Ashley Thompson said...

The Secret Life of an American Teenager just got over actually. I'm not sure when it will come back on. I'll let you know when I find out though. :-) It's kind of cheesy, but I still like it.

Briawna said...

Kelli, your little Grey is so cute. I love his big blue eyes. You are so talented. You can use my kids any time you want :-)

Lindsay Thacker said...

Oh my heck he is the cutest little boy! I love the pic with his grandpa holding him. TOO CUTE!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.