Friday, October 24, 2008

I just shook President Thomas S. Monson's hand! The Prophet of the world, just shook my hand and smiled at me! Amazing! I also was able to shake Russell M. Nelson's hand. He has such a kind smile.
I went with Brock to the dedication of his new business building and because it's BYU, we get a few special perks, such as the Prophet speaking at dedications and such! I really enjoyed his little talk because I was able to see his personality. I LOVED Gordon B. Hinckley and haven't been able to warm up to Monson quite as much yet. Today, though I did. He is really funny and so cute about his wife. He was more down-to-earth and light when he spoke today than he is at conference, for obvious reasons. But I really appreciated it. I was able to see a different side of him, that I loved.
The entire first presidency and Holland, Ballard, Nelson, Worthland and their wives attended the dedication. When it concluded we gathered around the walk way and watched them walk out of the building. They all stopped and waved and shook hands.
Being there, so close to them, I got such a rush of emotion. It felt so good and so right to be a part my church. Regardless of religious beliefs, these are men who have given their lives the betterment of humankind and service.


Molly Rivera said...

That is so awesome!!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.