Saturday, September 20, 2008

a few fun things

Things have been kind of crazy. Brock has been extremely busy at school, so Grey and I took a little trip to my parent's house for a couple days. It was nice to spend some time with my family. My sisters, mom and I went to a fine arts exhibit at the U where we saw original works of Monet, Manet, Vangough, Picasso, Radon and many more famous and fabulous artists (and some-not so fabulous). My sisters and mom are really into art history and know a great deal about many of the artists, and I, well-not so much. When my sister, Jamie and I traveled to New York City, we went to the Met and she said I spent most of my time in the gift store. Now I was only about 18, but even still, I have a little more culture than that! I don't believe her. Sorry Jame. :)
Anyway, I really enjoyed myself. The art was amazing and the stories behind them were intriguing.
My favorite was Vangough. I love the texture of his paintings and the rich blues and greens he used. His impressions were so different from anyone else's. They almost looked like a dream.
So I was apprehensive about going at first, especially with my little 10-month-old, but Grey was awesome and I learned quite a bit. Now we both are a little more cultured.
I even bought a impressionistic painting of a vase of flowers by Radon. He said they are what the flowers look like in his dreams-very interesting.
So thanks mom, Jamie and Cristy, for broadening our horizons!
On a completely different note: my parents just inherited two beautiful horses. They are tame, but not broken, meaning, they can be lead by a rope and are halter broke, but are not rideable. So my dad and I have taken on the task of breaking them! He has done it before, but this is a first for me. So far, it has been such a blast. I have wanted horses, since I could walk and at one point almost talked my parent's into buying one and keeping it in the backyard (I don't know about the backyard thing, but I thought it was brilliant). I love, love, love horses and horseback riding and to have some of my own is crazy! So while I was home, my dad and I spent some time with the horses. He said they should be rideable by Spring.
Also, Grey attended his very first "friend" birthday party. His girlfriend, Ali, turned one. Although I'm pretty sure none of the babies that were there had any idea why they were there. hehe.
So I thought I'd post one of the pictures I took of Ali for her one-year pictures. Grey was with me, so I thought I'd throw him in one of them and it turned out so funny. The bucket was really pretty small so Ali had to sit on Grey's lap and he wasn't very happy about that. She thought it was pretty funny though.


Dave and Britt said...

Poor little grey-grey. I wouldn't be too happy either to be stuck in a squishy bucket and have a 20 lb. baby placed on my lap, hehe. Love that picture, cracks me up.

Glad you updated!!! Keep it up.

Let me know when you find out about these expanding-ones-horizons opportunities. I need more culture in my life :)

Molly Rivera said...

You guys have horses!! You lucky girl!:)

Michael and Staci said...

Cute picture. I love horses, so good luck on riding/training them. That sounds interesting and fun! :-)

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.