Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love fall

Yesterday Grey and I took a spontaneous little drive up Provo Canyon to see the leaves changing and to get some fresh air. I seriously can't believe how beautiful the mountains down here are. I was just in awe the entire drive. The leaves haven't quite hit their peak yet, but that's good because they'll be on the trees a little longer.
I was so excited to show Grey the colorful leaves that had fallen onto the ground. I was sure he'd get a kick out of them. He's a pretty adventurous kid and likes to be outside. He doesn't mind crawling on the grass, in the dirt and on cement, but leaves - that's apparently where he draws the line. I set him down in a small pile of leaves and he got this disgusted look on his face, poked his bum in the air and started crawling toward me on his hands and feet, like Mogley in "Jungle Book"...hehe. If you're not a true fan of "Jungle Book", as I am, you won't understand the comparison.
I thought he'd love to crunch the brittle leaves in his hands and throw them in the air, but no. He just wanted the fastest way out a' there.
I, of course, had to take some pictures of him in the leaves before I could grant him his wish, so I made him stay put and tried to make it exciting for him. I think I was able to get one or two smiles out of him is all.
He did discover one fun game he could play with the leaves, which is a game he really likes to play at home. Pick up a leaf and put it in a completely different place (or find something really important that belongs to mommy and put it in a completely different place in the house so she'll never find it). He took a leaf, one at a time, from his right side and placed it on his left side, making a big pile on one side and bare ground on the other. This is very important work he does. A positive spin is that Brock and I always find little surprises throughout the day. Just this morning, Brock found some treasures in his backpack. A binky, a starburst wrapper and a rubber ball. I know what you're thinking- that was so nice of Grey to think of his Dad like that. I'm sure he needed all three of those things for school today.
After he completed that task with the leaves, though, he remembered he wasn't happy and tried escaping again.
I swear it's harder taking pictures of my own child than other people's kids. I had broken a sweat by the time I was done, trying to make him cooperate. I was able to get a few cute ones though.
It was so nice to be outdoors, regardless. I love the cool, crisp autumn air.
For some reason this season makes me feel very nostalgic. I don't know if it's the change of the leaves, Halloween or the refreshing air, but it definitely draws me back to the good ol' days.
However, it also makes me reflect on how exciting my life is now, and how many great things I have to be thankful for, and look forward to in the future.
This is pretty much what his face looked like the whole time while touching the leaves. Still cute though. :)
He apparently liked them while they were still attached to the trees.
I love this picture. I love how he's so intently playing with that rock. It seems he is fine sitting on the dirt and rocks, as leaves aren't touching him.
There's a smile!


Cam and Mist said...

Adorable pictures Kelli! Your photos are beautiful, it's great to here what you've been up to way down in the world of Happy Valley ;)

Dave and Britt said...

First of all I must say I LOVE the look of your blog. It is simple, clean and stunning! I love it. Shows off the artist in you, my dear.

Please tell Grey that he can always call me and I will come as fast as I can to rescue him from his crazy mom who makes him sit in itchy, crunchy leaves....maybe I should send him his very own cell phone for such emergencies :)

Love, Love, love the pictures of your sweet little guy. Beautiful!

Dave and Britt said...

Oh and a binky, a wrapper, and a thoughtful!

Molly Rivera said...

I wish I would have been with you! I love the mountains in Provo, and my feelings about fall are the same as yours... just love it! I always think of our funny college days when I think of fall, and going to the Howl all dressed up...I'm laughing just thinking about it :)

HappyHodges said...

I love autumn and your description plus your pictures got me so excited, plus Grey is absolutely adorable! I hope you guys are enjoying Provo and hope we can all get together soon!

Jamie said...

Kelli the pictures at the top of your blog are amazing! I love them. I want to come down so we can go up the canyon with you!

Landon and Ashley Thompson said...

It looks like you are getting yourself acquanted with your new stomping grounds. :-) The pics are so cute of Grey! And yes, that is the camp spot we went with you guys. It is the best spot for sure!

Leonard Family said...

Kelli, you make me feel like I take the worst pictures! Those are some great shots like always. If we can ever get up there and work out the details, I would love to have you take pictures of our family. I hope you are liking your new surroundings and adventure in life. If you need to vent I did live there for a few years myself.

Lindsay Thacker said...

Your blog is so dang cute! Your boy is the cutest though! You should be proud! :) I bet you are! Im so glad we can be blogging buddies so i can catch up with ya and see whats going on in your life! Your little family is just so cute and you look so happy. Im happy for you!
Loves, Lindsay (Blackner) Thacker

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.