Saturday, May 17, 2008

A night out dancing

Brock and I and Cristy and Derek went country dancing last night and we had such a blast! It has been so long since I have been swing dancing and realized how much I missed it rusty I've become. When I was in high school and college I went quite a bit, and have only been once since I got married. It was kind of a disaster, so I'm glad Brock gave it another chance. :)
Last night was a class, so we learned quite a few moves and it was nice because, as you can see in the pictures, there weren't a lot of people there, so we were able to have the teachers pretty much to ourselves. The couple who taught the class said they were going to try to do it once a month and if it catches on, they'll do it twice a month and they'll have the class at the beginning and then turn off the lights and let people dance. And the best part is, it's in Farmington! So we don't have to drive all the way to Salt Lake to go! 
I was pleasantly surprised at how good Brock was at it. He caught on really quickly. Although he improvised a little and made up a few moves of his own. 
It was seriously the most fun I've had in a long time on a date. It was a nice change from dinner and a movie. We laughed a lot and got a little bit of a work out too which was nice. (I must be getting old because it was a lot more physically exerting than I remember it being. Yikes!)
Even Derek had fun and he's anit-everything country. :)
I'm going to post the date of the next dance/lesson so we can get as many people as possible to go so they'll keep doing it!


Brock said...

I'd like to know why you were surprised that I "caught on so quickly"... Anyway, I thought I was great... hopefully you can catch up by next time.

Dave and Britt said...

Those hats are dang cute! What a fun date. Way to look beyond dinner and a movie, when me and dave do get out thats all we are able to come up with. You have inspired me to expand my horizons, so to speak.

Tyler said...

That looks like so much fun! Did Brock flip you all around like a rag doll?? What a fun date, I've got to find me some country dancing out here!

Thompson's said...

That is really awesome Kel. I used to go all the time too. Landon went with me once when we were dating. He was a great sport about it too. ;-) He knows how much I miss it so he always says we should go. Maybe us four will have to go sometime. Miss ya and love ya kel!

Gramma said...

You guys are so cute. Isn't motherhood the best. There is nothing like it except of course grandmotherhood. I love it, and I love you! thanks Love mom

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