Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Mom, when!?

This morning:
Boo: "Mom, I miss my baby shisher."
Me: "Me too."
Boo: "Can we go to Jesus' house and visit her?"
Me: "I wish we could."
Boo: "I want her sooooooooooo much."
Me: "Me too."
Boo: "Why can't she come here?"
Me: "Because Jesus says it's not time yet."
Boo: "When, Mom, when!?"

I don't talk to Boo about wanting a baby or our trouble with getting pregnant, but he is so keenly aware of our feelings and of his own. I have never seen a little boy want to be a brother so badly. It breaks my heart. But I am also very proud of him for having the ability to think about others in such an abstract way, or at all for that matter at 3 years old. He's a special boy and I am blessed to be his mom.


Briann said...

i know what you mean, we have been trying since May and I got pregnant in october and miscarried at 7 wks. Leah was already excited for a baby, it's sad but hang in there!

Candida Marie said...

yes, the conversations that at the same time make you proud of your kid but they break your heart. such a sweet boy and he will make a terrific bro!

Alicia said...

What a sweet story. I think it's very important that you write those down to show Grey when he's older. I'm so sorry that you've not been able to get pregnant when you want. Being a woman is just tough all around. It truly just is. There are so many things physically and emotionally with being a mother. You hang in there! Life has a way of getting better. I have faith that you'll get another baby. Love you, Kelli!

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