Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Diddies

Boo: "I miss Jesus."
Mom: "I miss Jesus too. That's why we can pray to him and talk to him. That way we can feel him in our hearts."
With a serious look, Grey immediately lifts up his shirt and says: "Hey Jesus, you in there?"


Boo and I were laying down in his bed together facing each other so closely that our noses were almost touching. He put his little hand on my cheek and said, "I yike dis face."
My heart melted. Literally. I think my heart literally melted. :)


While sitting on a couch by Boo in Big Lots, he looked over to the other end and said, "Mom, who's going to sit over there?" I said I didn't know and he said, "Maybe my brother, maybe? Someday Mom, I could be a brother."
That's just not fair is it? I mean really?


Me: "I love my baby."
Grey: "I'm not a baby, I'm big."
Me: "You're Mommy's baby."
Grey: "I'm a big baby, Mom."
Me: "OK, I love my big baby."
Grey: "Thanks, Mom. You're awesome."


In other news, I finished my kitchen....finally and am LOVING it! I will post pictures soon!


Cassandra Potter Kemp said...

I seriously love everything he says!! You will love going back & reading these again & again!

Jennifer said...

He is sooo sweet! I love the innocent things little kids say! I love that he said "your awesome. ha ha. Thats nice you finished your kitchen! Wish I could see it.

Alicia said...

Those are darling. My favorite is the "Jesus, are you in there?" I really like that story. He is a hoot. You just have the cutest little boy anyone could ever have.

Candida Marie said...

love this entry! such a cute boy.

sienna likes to talk about another baby too, it is really hard.

still waiting on the open house!!!

GeNee said...

He is so cute. I don't like the freeways either. He is such a cute boy. I am glad his grandparents brought him to the Christmas Party. But we missed you. I hope Brock had good luck on the test.

Sherrie said...

Ahaha! I LOVE this! So cute :)

love.boxes said...

I love Grey. He is darling!

Briann said...

he is so sweet! What a cute little man youhave

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.