Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few cute things.. 21 months

Boo and I were sitting on the grass in front of our house when I noticed one of those weeds that you blow on and all the tiny petals float away ( i hate that I can't think of what those are called!) Anyway I told him to go pick it and blow on it and the next thing I know, he is walking up to me with his tongue out, disgusted and a mouth full of white cotton. He apparently thinks "blow" means "eat."

He helped me with laundry today, but putting all my underwear over his head. And when I asked him to put my laundry on my bed, he went and dropped it in his crib. I guess he just heard "bed."

For the past couple of weeks he has been saying his name when you ask. He says "Jay, Jay," and points to himself. (His cousins call him "Grey, Grey.")


B-Blogit said...

isnt it funny what kids associate words with. My son calls my daughter Jenalee just Lee.

Dandilions are the things he was eating and not blowing im assuming since those are mostly what is around anyway!

What a fun kid and he sure is handsome! You take great shots!

Molly Rivera said...

That is cute. Nathan's family calls Jackson, Jack Jack. He sounds like a hilarious little boy.

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.