Thursday, May 21, 2009

summer lovin'

Tuesday was a spontaneous pool party on grandma's driveway. It was hot, the kids were restless, it was time to break out the plastic, $10, Wal-Mart special. It doesn't take much to please kids - water, sunshine and toasty pavement to warm up on.

Boo had so much fun playing with his cousins. He was enthralled with the water coming out of the magic, green tube. He suffered from a love-hate relationship with it trying to use it as a drinking fountain, while avoiding any other body part to be submerged. (Note the picture where he is gasping for breath from it splashing on his chest. Awwwe, my little Ethiopian.)
His diaper became so soggy, it had to come off. This made him happy.

What a fun day.







Just a couple random stories. Read on if you wish, if not, don't. :)

Boo is at such a fabulous age right now. He is picking up so many new words and can communicate with me so well. He's my best little buddy. He LOVES books and can sit and listen to them forever. His favorites right now are "Twins and Piggies."
"Twins has a page that shows the two babies crying because they spilled their ice cream and every time we get to that page, Boo starts fake crying. Sympathy cries, if you will. It's my very favorite thing. We brought the book to church with us on Sunday. Boo was sitting on a couple's lap in a pew to the side of us and they were reading the book to him. We look over and see Boo with a very sad face, shaking his head and making his fake cry sounds. We thought that was pretty funny.

Now, I'm not an advocate and signing for children unless they are hearing impaired, because I believe it can delay their speech, but I taught Boo the sign for more, so he would no longer need to throw tantrums to get my attention or say "Eh, eh, eh," every 43 seconds. This sign, to Boo, means "I want." So whenever he wants something he signs "More." It has made me very happy, and melts my heart whenever he does it.


Molly Rivera said...

Gotta love cousins! Jackson does the very same thing with the more sign. How funny! I taught him the more sign and the eat sign. It's so funny watching him do them.

HappyHodges said...

This looks so fun and summery! He is getting so big and if possible cuter by the second!

Jennifer said...

Come on girl, it is time for an update!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.