Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Ummm...yes that is my baby shoving the Valentine's chocolates, he and his dad gave me, into his mouth like mad, before they get taken away. What a little stink!
He brought me the box of beautifully wrapped SEE's chocolates (my favorite!!) and after HE unwrapped them began saying, "Eh, eh!" in a panic. So I gave him a chocolate and I looked down only to see him shoving the entire thing in his mouth at once. This is how I feel about them as well, so I couldn't blame him. And while attempting to chew the gigantic thing, he reached for another. The apple didn't fall far from the tree, apparently.


For our very snowy Valentine's Day, The Hubs and I took Grey on a little sleigh ride. I inherited a baby sled from a friend in the spousal association and we finally got to use it. We pulled him up to a pond on campus where there are lots of duckies for him to look at. He really liked being pulled in the sled until his dad starting running. It wasn't the speed that scared him, so much as the cold, icy snow flying from The Hubs' shoes onto his face, he didn't appreciate.
I love both my Valentines oh so much! It was such a fun day.

Boo refuses to smile for the camera. He's not a typical photographer's kid. He goes the opposite direction whenever the camera comes out and refuses to look at me. He's supposed to LOVE getting his picture taken!






That night The Hubs and I went to a game night that the association put together for the MBA students and their spouses. It was pretty fun. Good food and good company. We then went to a movie with one of our favorite couples, Amelia and Ryan. I will not tell which one because I am embarrassed to say I saw it twice. Sorry Amelia!

I hope you all had a sexy and sassy Valentine's Day!


misty said...

Kelli I love reading your blog, you are so funny and it's so good to hear what you've been up to! You're pictures are beautiful too, what a cute family.

Jamie said...

These pictures are so great! I think Grey feels you are taking advantage of him with all of your picture taking. What's in it for him really?

Bradie said...

Berkli also refuses to smile for the camera! It can be so frustrating. The little stinks!!!! Cute pictures.

Being An Allred said...

I love the pictures their beautiful. And you know that your Valentines day's rock. You are also a huge closet fan of the movie we saw. lol!!

Dave and Britt said...

I think Grey is the perfect portrayal of a photographer's kid. Poor little ones, get so sick of having the camera pointed at them. When I pull my camera out Emma usually starts crying and Ali runs away...literally. I had to bribe them with coveted toys to get a few shots of them today. Little butts ;).

Love the idea of a snowy Valentine's day walk. Lovely, simply lovely.

Candida Marie said...

I'm going to tell on you about the movie!! Just kidding.

Love the picture from behind of your two beautiful boys.

Alicia said...

This snowsuit kid cracks me up, especially with that frown on his face. What a pretty day and great photographs in the snow!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.