Monday, February 23, 2009

"We're late, we're late, for a very important date!"

As some of you may know, Alice In Wonderland is my all-time favorite Disney cartoon. It is so imaginative and fantastic. I have always loved it and cannot wait until I have a little girl who will love it as much as me.

Well my sisters, nieces, mom and I had our own little "very important date," Friday and it was so much fun! Not quite like the Mad Hater tea party, but a little more refined.

There is the CUTEST little place in downtown Farmington called 'Teas n' You' where they serve lunch, dinner and tea, of course. You can even make reservations for a tea party where they put you in this beautifully decorated tea room dressed with chiffon, doilies and enough pink to make you forget boys actually exist!

The room is also complete with dress up clothes, hats and tiaras, so you can pretend to be the Queen of England for a day while sipping the most divine tea you've ever tasted.

With your very own pot of tea, you also get an assortment of finger sandwiches, such as cucumber and egg salad, a fruit plate, a cheese and cracker plate, soup, the most decadent scones ever! and sorbet and cheese cake for desert.
It was such a fun experience. I highly recommend it! And hurry, because of the economy, it's questionable whether of not they'll be able to stay in business!

Isn't my mom just the cutest thing ever?! She makes me happy.







Being An Allred said...

You are cute, I love ya pictures. I love the hats. love ya

Jamie said...

Fabulous Dawling! Do come to tea at my place as soon as you can!

Landon and Ashley Thompson said...

That is the cutest idea I have ever heard of! I love it! :-)

Molly Rivera said...

Oh yes, I remember how much you love Alice in Wonderland. I will never forget when we went to Disneyland and while we were standing in line for a ride you saw the Queen character from the movie, and you got SO excited. You took off after her begging her for a picture, but you were like chasing her around because she was in hurry to go somewhere. I remember me and Ashley Shaumburg were laughing so hard I peed my pants.

Candida Marie said...


like the girl's reflection in the table. super cute.

Dave and Britt said...

How stinkin' fun! I'm so glad you shared, I will definitely have to go check it out!

Dave and Britt said...

Oh and I just adore that black and white picture of your darling mother.

Alicia said...

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie as well. I didn't know you were a fan. In fact, I don't have many more Disney movies that I can say I love. But Alice In Wonderland really speaks to me. I guess it's because I always had bad dreams and still do and so I get her. My favorite part of the movie is when the cat says: "that depends on which way you want to go." And I like when the caterpillar has a meltdown because of his height.

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.