Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where you goin' in that dress-1982?

Last night we visited the 80's, with the rest our friends in Brock's program. And what better way to visit the 80's than roller skating?
My friend Amelia, whom I LOVE! (she cracks me up!) inherited a bag full of amazingly disgusting prom dresses from the 80's, so that is exactly what we wore. Mine was a little more Shelly Long on Troop Beverly Hills and a little less Never Been Kissed, Drew Barry Moore (Amelia). Doesn't her dress scream, being egged the night of prom by your fake prom date?? If you haven't seen it, watch it!
We were dripping with unfortunateness-is that a word? :)
The most unfortunate thing is that the bright green shirt Brock is wearing is right out of his closet. yikes.
The tag on my dress read: "Hand wash and drip dry." Drip dry? haha. Not to be confused with hang dry. That made me laugh. But when I took off my dress I realized it hadn't been dripped dry or even washed since it was worn two decades ago (please help the person who ever wore it for real!) because the thing had huge pit stains!! Bright yellow! So gross. Awwwee, pit stains from the 80's. What could be more authentic?
Thanks for getting me ready Amelia! I had a blast! Pit stains and all!

Amelia Bedilia: far right, Briawna: middle.


Jamie said...

Wow! That's really all I can think to say, fabulous, pit stains and all. I am a really big fan of Brock's cardigan!

Chris & Missy said...

Ha ha. Your dress is totally Shelly Long in Troop Beverly Hills! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Sara and Collin said...

You look RAD!!! I am not sure if your blog pictures could get any better, but congrats on the new camera, you should ask Brock about the video camera he bought for $500 in Rochester. What are you doing with the old camera, Sara hates our little digital.

Brock said...

$300 Collin, don't exaggerate.

HappyHodges said...

This cracked me up! You guys look sweeeeet! Sounds like alot of fun and that place looks very familiar, must be Classic, oh that takes me back to simpler days where my biggest worry was what boy to skate with during the "snowball skate"!

Being An Allred said...

I love the blog and am so glad that we went that night. Ryan and I had a blast getting ready with you and Brock. Let know about dinner tomorrow.

Candida Marie said...

you guys look totally rad! wished i could have gone but the hubby was being a total bum.

Joel and Sara said...

I love the roller skates! I wish I had those.

For some reason my computer shows up in NJ weird. Anyways, the NJ dot on your map is me although I am in Philly, PA not NJ. I don't know how to fix that ?!

Fowler family said...

These are so fun to see Kelli! We didn't go that night, but I LOVED seeing that pic of everyone dressed up! How lucky to have Amelia's connections with the 80's clothes!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.