Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just a day

It's fascinating to watch your kids grow and progress, even from day to day. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Grey and I played and played. He was my little shadow. Everywhere I went, he was there. Most of the time playing at my feet. I find so much comfort in having him with me always. I find when he naps for a little longer than normal, I miss him. I do value my alone time, but my time spent with him is so much more important and worthwhile.
Today we played hide-and-go-seek. He hid in the same spot every time. (I think he was trying to throw me off. It didn't work.) Every time I found him he would run and laugh. While looking for me, he walked around the house, talking (in his own language). Sometimes similar to a chant. Very monotone and low. He has the lowest voice for a baby. I hid behind a long curtain I could see through, but he (apparently) couldn't. My feet were poking out the bottom, but he just brushed right passed me. I quietly called his name and he turned around abruptly. I could tell he was a little confused. His eyes focused in on the curtain and then - me. His confusion quickly turned to pure joy as he ripped off the curtain, with a big smile across his little face, and squealed with delight. He had found me! The look on his face when he finally realized it wasn't the curtain talking to him, but mommy, I will never forget. It is burned in my brain. That little game we played may very well have been one of the most treasured moments of my life, this far.
The other day, I rummaged through my parent's storage room in their basement to find an old shelf I could use for Grey's toys and books, finally getting them out of boxes. I found an old particle board shelf that I remember being used for my little brother's collection of hospital machines, growing up. After which I think I may have inherited to use for my troll collection, and who knows what else. And now - my son should be so lucky! Well I pulled it out of my car, into my apartment kitchen and realized the thing possibly hadn't been cleaned since sometime in the early 1990's. So I got a hot rag and some soap and went to work while Grey played beside me. After a minute he became slightly interested in my endeavor and watched me for a bit, then disappeared. He returned with a rag, from which he had pulled out of a drawer he enjoys emptying on occasion. He began to wipe the shelf very intensely. Every now and then he would stop to study my movements carefully, then would resume in the same manner. It was all very serious. What a helper. I'm sure with his help it only took me an extra half-an-hour or so to finish.
Sit tight for a couple pictures I took of him cleaning. I'm too tired tonight to post them.
grey cleaning collage


Brock said...

Great post Kelli. You are a wonderful mom. Along these same lines, I got a kick out of watching you two place the books on Grey's new shelf this morning. I glanced in there to see the back of your two morning-messy heads. Grey was sitting right next to you and seemed quite intrigued. It really made me smile as I left for class.

Molly Rivera said...

He is really a little boy now, I can't believe it. I think he looks just like you!
I'm sad we didn't get together during Christmas. We were all sick for about half the time we were there which made it hard to do much. But hopefully another time.

Dave and Britt said...

Oh kell that post almost had me in tears. I know, I know, I'm a sap. Seriously though, you really conveyed your love for Grey and for being a mother. It truly is the little moments that matter.

Jamie said...

I'm with Britt, I'm tearing up! There is nothing better than those precious moments with our babies! Grey is too good to be true, love you guys!

Candida Marie said...

beautiful post. kids are amazing and the one of life's greatest blessings. thanks for the reminder.

Jennifer said...

I love the way you can write things down and I know exactly how you feel, but I would never know how to say it. Your such a cute mom! I can't believe how much Grey is changing. I wish we could have gotten together when we were there for Christmas but you know how the holidays are... so busy. We'll be back at the beginning of Feb. so lets plan to get together then!!

HappyHodges said...

Kelli, he has gotten so old, were has time gone?!?!? I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying provo! We all need to have a get together sometime soon!

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