Monday, December 8, 2008

Brock and I went to New York Nov. 20-22. Some MBA students were invited out to Wall Street to meet with some big-wigs, so I demanded to go! :) I LOVE New York and couldn't let Brock go without me. We decided to go together and make the trip a little longer, making it our Christmas.
My very good friend whose husband is also in the MBA program with Brock came with. We had such a great time!
The four of us stayed in a really nice hotel right in the heart of Time Square ( Brock is owed a huge amount of credit for getting us this $400 hotel for $150 per night! I'm a huge advocate of priceline!) My mother-in-law asked me if I felt awkward sharing a hotel room with another couple. I hadn't even thought about it being awkward. Cheryl is the EASIEST person to get along with and the four of us are so comfortable with each other it wasn't even an issue. Although Cheryl crawled into bed with Brock (thinking it was Paul) and I grabbed Paul's bum (thinking it was Brock!), it all was very appropriate. Brock and Paul think they're so funny, but that's another post. wink.

The city is so beautiful during this time of year. Lights everywhere.

The hustle and bustle of the city is amazing! There is such an energy there like nothing else. This picture is of Macey's. It was hard to even walk in there, let alone shop.

My hubby and me at Central Park. I could spend an entire day in Central Park. However, it was about 30 degrees the entire time we were there, so we didn't stay real long. It was seriously FAREEEZING!


These are our cute friends. I just have to tell you a little about my Canadian friend Cheryl. I can tell you a lot about our friendship by saying, our cars are about equal in messiness! This makes me very, very happy. (Sorry Cheryl, but it's one of the things I love about you!)
We were instant friends when our husbands made us drive down to Provo from Layton together for a Pre-MBA dinner in August. I wasn't super excited to spend an hour in the car with a girl I didn't even know, but I'm so happy I did!
She is so refreshing, because she is totally herself. She doesn't try to be, or pretend to be perfect. We have so much fun together and laugh until we hurt. So the few days we spent together in New York while our hubbies were in meetings were a blast! We shopped, explored and slept in! (No kids to wake us up at 6 a.m., are ya kiddin?!)
One of the nights our husbands were at a dinner we had a fabulous girls' night. We went to an awesome Asian restaurant where I made Cheryl try some sushi (because if I love it she must!), but I ended up eating it all by myself. oops. And then we went to "Wicked." It was AWESOME! I seriously loved it.


DSC_0285 copy

Isn't my hubby so cute?!



Bradie said...

I heard you went to New York, and I have been waiting to see pictures. I have never been but it looks like tons of fun!
The pictures of the Breklyn and Berkli are so cute. Thanks again!!

Dave and Britt said...

Ok first of all, didn't I tell you you weren't allowed to make new friends, also, partner swapping!? I didn't know you provoites had it in ya ;)

Seriously now, NY looks like an absolute dream. The thing I think I was most jealous about? Sleeping in! Glad you guys had an amazing time.

Molly Rivera said...

what a fun trip! I love the pictures, like usual!

The Riv's Ride said...

I think we are coming to Utah on the 19th and we will be there for a couple of weeks, (and going to ID for a bit too). We should totally get together!

Jennifer said...

HOW FUN!!! I am so glad you got ot go to New York with Brock. It sounds like you guys had a blast. We really need to talk soon, it has been way too long. I am using one of the pics you took of Cayson for our Christmas card this year because they are my favorite! I am leaving to UT in a week and we should try to get together. I will call you this week so we can plan something.

Nicole said...

I have always wanted to go to NY. It looks like it was so much fun. My brother said you were going to San Fran soon? I think I texted Brock my sisters number who lives there, but let me know if you still need it. By the way I love that Brock was sproting the BYU sweatshirt. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only Y fan out there.

Blake said...

NYC is just great. One of my favorite places to go.

Candida Marie said...

i didn't know you went with him to NY, soooo much fun! it's a crazy crazy place, haven't been for years but use to go every summer.

awesome pics, especially like the last scenic shot.

Sherrie said...

I am so happy you had fun!! NYC is so great!! I love your pictures...seriously love them! Speaking of pics...will you email me the pic from the restaurant right before Em left?

Alicia said...

You are an amazing photographer. I really like this picture of my cousin Brock. Well done! I'm so happy you got to NYC. It's really fun to get away from Utah. It's like trying out a new restaurant that you haven't tried out before (that was my bro. Robert's advice when we moved to WA). If you give it a try, it can be a lot of fun! Brandon WON'T go on a trip with me to NY!? Isn't that sad? He has already decided without having ever been there that he wouldn't like it. Silly guy. I've been many times because my bro. used to live there and I really like it. Brandon thinks that new yorkers are rude, but they really aren't that bad, it's just a different culture. Once you understand how they roll and don't take things personally, they grow on ya.

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.