Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beautiful girls

I photographed my beautiful nieces, Thursday in my sister's and my cowboy hats. I loved that they were a little too big for them. Averi is just a little older than Jayden, but they look like they are about the same age. Although they are opposites, they are best friends and I hope I caught that in their pictures. I think Jayden knows the secrets of the universe and is much smarter than us all. While photographing her, she was very aware of me and knew exactly what to do when the camera was pointed at her. I think I caught her off guard a few times though. :) Averi (with the red hat) is a lot more timid and shy than her sister, especially when she is center of attention and when in front of a camera. Both of their personalities came together for some pretty touching photos. They both watch out for each other and I love that. 


Joel and Sara said...

All your pictures are way good! So talented kel! You should fly out here to Philly and take our family pictures.

Dave and Britt said...

Kelli I am so blown away by your talent! You girl, are amazing.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh your neices are so dang cute! They have grown up so much! I love them in their cowgirl hats. You took some great pictures, I love how you take pictures when they are not posing for the camera.

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.