Friday, May 2, 2008

Girl's Night

Last night my mom, sister, Cristy and I had a little night of pampering. We went to Chili's and all shared our meals. It was pretty yummy. And this way I was able to branch out a little from the cajun chicken pasta I always order. (Still the best though.) We went and received pedicures and manicures and it felt, oh so nice. I actually had to sit out for the pedicure because I was the only one without a gift certificate. :( However, I still enjoyed a nice back massage from the the chair massager ( I will own one someday!) I sat on while waiting for the other two. It is brilliant to sit in a massage chair while getting a pedicure, or in my case sit in a massage chair, watching someone else receive a pedicure. It takes the sting away just a bit...hehe.  I did, however, receive a much needed manicure and feel much better about my nail situation. I can start wearing my wedding ring again!

Thanks Mom and Cristy, that was a fun, little getaway!


Tyler said...

Okay, you guys are punks! I'm so jealous. I bet that was so fun, I miss girls trips with my favorite girls in the world!

Brock said...

You forgot to say-"Oh and thanks to Brock (my incredible husband and father of my baby) for believing me when I told him that I'd be gone for an hour and a half and that I'd only spend $10."

Jennifer said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I want to go have a girls day with my mom and sister, I know how Jaime feels. One day. One day we are going to go too, I can't believe you only spent $10!

Thompson's said...

Speaking of girls night....we need to have one! Ok, the little bucket of smiles can come. ;-) Sorry Brock, I am not referring to you. lol And I will do my best to as on top of my blogs as you are, but that's not going to be easy.

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