Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To Grandmother's house we go...

We took Grey on his first road trip all the way to Logan to visit Brock's grandparents. He hates car rides so it was a little scary, but considering it was the longest he has ever been in the car, I'd say he did pretty well. We made Brock's brother, Skyler and his wife, Hayley sit in the back with him on the way there to keep him company. But their company only helped for so long until we got to Sardine Canyon when he decided he was done.

When we finally got there he was back to his good-natured self again and was excited to meet his grandparents for the first time. We had a nice lunch and watched the second half of conference which I really enjoyed.
We made a not-so-quick stop at my friend Analise's house before we drove home. I lived with Analise for a semester while at Utah State. We became really close friends and I have
missed her a lot, as I see her only on occasion. Analise is a very special person to me and I appreciate her friendship so much. She's one of those few friends that no matter how long
you go without seeing them, you remain just as close, and pick up right where you left off. She is a very good friend and values friendship as much as I do, which sometimes, it seems, is hard to find.
Brock and I were only going to stay for a minute, but ended up having dinner (which was delicious) with her and her parents. We had so much fun
with them. They're such a neat family.
It was so fun to visit Logan again. I loveand miss it!

Four generations: Elmo Sterling, Monte Sterling, Brock Sterling and Grey Sterling.


Dave and Britt said...

Poor little Grey. I tell ya listening to your baby cry while you are driving is so hard! Ali cried for about an hour out of our 4 hour drive on the way back from moab. I felt so bad. I tried everything.

Did I ever tell you I think you and Brock are an adorable couple. That picture is so cute of you two.

Hmmm just looked at the time, I'm going to go call you now about playdate!

Tyler said...

I love that all 4 generations have the middle name Sterling. This I did not know?! That is a great picture of all 4 of them!

Butler Blog said...

Sometimes the car rides are so hard...they cry and there's nothing you can do!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a fun trip to Logan. I am sure you miss it. It makes it hard to go long distances if Grey doesn't like the car. I guess I can't have you drive 12 hours to my house. :) I really hope Cayson does okay on our trip to Utah in June!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.