Thursday, October 1, 2009

mama bear and baby bear

Today, Boo and I made a fort in the living room with our kitchen chairs and blankets. Boo was so excited and brought as many toys into our "cave" as he could fit.

We spent all afternoon in our cave reading stories and making shapes and animals with a flashlight. We ate lunch in there too. As it turns out, caves aren't very good for eating lunch. There are too many distractions. While we were eating, I told him I was the mamma bear and he was my baby bear. He smiled and said, "yeah."

We left the fort up all day and Boo was excited to show Daddy. He pointed at it and and led The Hubs in to give him a little tour. All three of us squooshed together in the fort and read our bedtime stories. Boo thought that was pretty cool and decided he wanted to sleep in it.

I told him it would be there in the morning. (That was the only way to get him to come out.) So I currently have three chairs and about 14 blankets taking over my living room and who knows how many toys. And I LOVE it! We had so much fun together today!

*Yesterday morning while I was kneeling down zipping his pants up he stood still for a second, looked at me and caressed my face twice. It was the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. Just such a sincere gesture of love. That's what I love so much about children is their pure and sincere love.

Earlier that same morning I went and got him and put him in bed with me for a little bit (so I could sleep a little bit longer). It was dark and he was being pretty good, just laying there relaxing. He suddenly got a little restless and was trying to find my face in the dark. Finally he found it and cupped it with both hands and blindly leaned over and gave me a big, opened-mouth kiss. Then went back to being still and quiet. It melted my heart.

One more :)
The day before yesterday Boo got a little scratch on his leg. Whenever he gets hurt he says "bite!" He thinks things are biting him all the time, poor guy. Anyway he was sitting on the floor by my feet, while I was at the kitchen sink and he was saying "Bite, Mamma!" So I said, "Oh I need to give it a kiss," and he leaned over, kissed his leg, got up and went to play.


Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.