Thursday, March 19, 2009

my all-american boo


because i'm not good at keeping a journal, (which i reeeaaally feel bad about) i have to use this blog as such. so just a few little things about my grey that i never want to forget, even when i'm old and gray.

he hates getting his diaper changed to the point where i basically have to wrestle him to the ground and hold down his kicking legs. (maybe a little exaggerated, but, you get the point.) however, if i ask HIM to go get me a diaper to change his "bum" he runs into his bedroom excitedly, comes out with a diaper and lays down right in front of me. he doesn't know how to lay down on his back by himself, i don't think, because if i ask him to lay down, (instead of wrestle him to the ground. what a concept!) he lays on his stomach and i have to turn him onto his back. i love him.

the same usually works when i want to get him dressed, which he equally despises. if i ask him to go get me some clothes, he runs to his bedroom to pick something out of his drawers and lets me dress him!! a serious break-through, my friends.

juice is the all-meaning word for any type of beverage. whenever i say "are you thirsty, do you want something to drink?" he runs into the kitchen yelling "juicccce, juicccce," over and over until he has "juicccce" in hand.

he has been answering my questions lately. if i ask him if he's hungry he says "yes" or "yeah," then goes into the kitchen to find something in the cupboards, as if i usually make him gather his own food.

he now understands he is a separate person from me (although, still thinks we must always be doing the same thing at all times.) when we ask him "where's grey?" he pats his chest. so cute.

he has a temper. (yikes.) this isn't too surprising if you know his parents. :) poor guy didn't have a chance. we are currently in the process of taming it. we'll tell you how it goes.
whenever he gets hurt, (hits his head, falls) he has to hit the in-adamant object several times, while saying "don't!" over and over again. he also really enjoys throwing anything across the room, he knows he's not supposed to have. (cell phone, cups full of coke!) and when i say "no, no grey" he just tilts his head to the side and smiles, caking on the charm.

he is deathly afraid of the word "hot." he knows if it comes out of the microwave it is "hot" and he yells it until i convince him it is ok to eat. he also yells the word "hot" repeatedly while i am cooking over the stove.
if he gets too close to the hot stove, (which i am convinced was initially made for people who once lived in the land of oz) i say "hot" and he darts to the other side of the room, sometimes on the verge of tears.

and, drum roll please..... he snaps! not kidding, and i have no idea how he learned it. we certainly don't have afternoon snapping lessons at our house. i was brushing my teeth one morning and grey was sitting on his dad's lap eating cereal. all of the sudden i hear brock say, "whoa. he just snapped." haha, i didn't believe him. and then the other day i was snapping to a song i was singing to him and he started snapping along. and i'm not talking uncoordinated, baby moving his fingers together snapping, but real, legit snapping. it makes noise! i know i am making way too big of a deal about this, but it cracks me up. brock came home yesterday for lunch and i was on the couch laughing my head off while he was snapping. he's really serious when he does it. i have it on camera for a split second and i'm tempted to post it, because i know you don't believe me. :)

he is the most affectionate little baby in the world and his hugs make everything unimportant disappear. he is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and i am so lucky to have the opportunity to have such a special person in my life.


Being An Allred said...

I love the picture, Grey is getting so big, wow!! He makes me laugh with his personality. I hope he gets over his cold soon. Emma misses him. Love ya

Dave and Britt said...

I love hearing all these little things about Grey. I have to say though, they do make me a little sad. They remind me that I only know baby Grey when, clearly, he is a little boy now. I can't wait to catch up tomorrow!

Candida Marie said...

super sweet. i love his hot obsession. and i can't wait to see the snapping!

Molly Rivera said...

What a funny little guy. I knew he would have a cute personality. It's so crazy to think that he is a toddler walking and talking. It doesn't seem that long ago when he was a baby.

Jamie said...

He can't snap you looney toons! No one believes you, I mean really a baby who can snap, Tyler does my taxes, honestly he does! I almost got it on camera but well then I didn't...
If he is related to me he is naturally coordinated therefore his ability to snap is not the least bit surprising!
Really snapping babies Kell, come on

Jennifer said...

That cracks me up, he has such a cute personality! I like that you journal about what he is doing, it is fun to read about it! That picture is awsome too! I love it!

Alicia said...

Cute. Blogging is keeping a journal, so stop feeling bad! In a few years, you can have your blog printed and wa-la, journal. You're doing a great job with Grey. I love the photograph too!

HappyHodges said...

These thing are all so special and sweet! I love how loving and excited you are about all of his accomplishments, I think only a Mom could understand! We all need to get together this summer! Oh and thanks for the sweet compliment on my blog :)

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