Tuesday, March 10, 2009

completely logical

Boo's favorite game remains throwing EVERYTHING into the trash. This is where everything must go, it's only logical. And I have to admit, it makes me a little crazy.
Last week, The Hubs and I could not find the remote anywhere. We seriously ripped the house apart, as technology is so far advanced we cannot turn our television on without it....interesting.
We looked, of course, through all our garbage cans, closets, cupboards, fridge, EVERYWHERE. We came to the conclusion that t.v. was no longer an option.
The day before garbage day, I had a brilliant thought: the outdoor garbage can! We must check the outdoor garbage! So I made Brock. hehe.
As he made his way through the week-long supply of filth, layer by layer, this is what he fashioned:

one sock,

oooo, another sock to make a match! (both soaked in coke. yummy!)

three brand new sponges,

one pair of Grey's jeans

and duh, dun, duh, duh:

one remote control!

I guess you could say that was a worth-while trip through the garbage. We may have to make this a weekly ritual.

On another note: My son is a nut.
He took a three-and-a-half hour nap this morning and when he woke up, he was in such a good mood, with so much energy!
Another favorite game of his is to pile all his toys in different places around the house and carry them around in baskets or bags. He's always dragging something behind him. Cute, but honestly! When does he start to learn to put a toy away before he gets another one out. Isn't someone supposed to teach him this??
Today he kept shutting himself in his bedroom and thought it was so funny. I thought for sure he'd get scared and cry, but no he laughed instead.
I actually started working on my computer for a little bit and then realized it was way too quiet. So I opened his door, only to find him sitting on the floor, looking at a book. That had to have been the longest he sat down all day.


Candida Marie said...

crazy cute little boy.

Molly Rivera said...

That is so funny! Jackson also likes putting things into buckets and baskets, but luckily he hasn't figured out how to put things in garbages. He doesn't know how to lift the lids yet.
I want to see that little guy so badly!

Bradie said...

It could be worse.....such as a water filled bathtub....

Bradie said...

Oh..or Berkli's preferred choice....the toilet!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha... that makes me laugh. Boys are so mischevious! Thats funny you found a pair of jeans!! I let Cayson go through my wallet last week and he picked out my two most important cards, my debit card and my drivers liscense, and now I can't find them anywhere. I have chairs blocking Cayson from the garbage can, but I still looked just to makes sure he didn't somehow get through. Do you have any ideas where to look?

Kelli said...


trust me, i feel your pain. grey also enjoys throwing books, crayons, anything that doesn't like water into the shower (that doesn't drain) while i'm in it. he enjoys the toilet too. isn't it so much fun!!

Frojoe said...

NICE - he must see you put stuff in there a lot. do like mommy does!

Alicia said...

Grey reminds me of me during my spring cleaning rampage. I have felt for the past two weeks, I've just been carrying around trash bags and moving piles of stuff from here to there. He is such a cute boy. So glad he's feeling better!

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.