Monday, April 28, 2008

Park Day

videoToday, two of my friends from my neighborhood and I had our weekly playdate at the park. It was such a warm day, I had to put Grey in his car seat so he wouldn't get sunburned. I'm aware that you can get burned no matter what the weather is like, but on warm and hot days it seems a lot more likely. :) I keep forgetting to get baby sunscreen.

Grey and I went for a little walk and looked at the ducks, after the other girls and their kids went home. He is a lot like Brock in that he is not easily impressed. I showed him the coolest ducks that were at the park and he smiled a little, but I don't think it was at the ducks, I think it was at his mama. He is such a happy and smiley baby, so I thought he'd get a kick out of the things, but not so much. He was quite a bit more interested in his toys that he gets to see EVERYDAY! 
At one point we actually started chasing a duck in his stroller, but still, uninterested. He showed me that sucking on his thumb and fist were much more exciting. It was a fun walk though. I love the warmth! I love being able to put him in T-shirts and shorts and not bundle him with a dozen blankets. 



Tyler said...

Okay, I love this! Grey see the duuuuckies, look at the duuuuckies! Grey is calling his friends on his cell, yeah dude so we're at the park again. Yeah she's really excited about the ducks. You know moms, she's using her high squeaky voice and everything. Anyway hopefully she'll get bored pretty quick. I'm mean yeah, quack mom, I get it, can we go already.

Tyler said...
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Dave and Britt said...

Just like Brock, hehe, thats too funny. Playdate was a ton of fun. I'm glad we were able to get together. Oh and the videos...too stinkin cute. BTW what was the name of that place you were telling me about, where ya got your shorts? I can't remember.

Dave and Britt said...

Oh forgot to tell ya, we did some research on why the crap the trains are still honking. KSL said Thursday is when they will stop, so cross your fingers!

Jennifer said...

Oh that is so fun... that looks like a great park. I really wish we could take our boys together. I was in Utah for a few days and I thought about you. I wasn't there very long so it just didn't feel like there was enough time to do everything. Hopefully next time we will be able to get together. I really miss you and I hope I get to see Grey again soon. He is soo cute. I can't beleive how fast they grow!

Cristy said...

I love jamie's (tyler) post! So I gues you update your blog twice a day or something... sheesh I can't keep up with you! you are a bloggin fool!

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