Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Brock and I celebrated Valentine's on Saturday to avoid the crowds. We left Grey with Grandma Cindy and drove to Jordan Commens where we ate at the Mayan and saw "27 Dresses." It was a lot of fun. The food was much better than I remember and we were able to see Brock's cousin Ernest who works there. The movie was pretty good, but I was definitely hoping for better. When we picked up our valentine, my mom had dressed him in the cutest little V-Day outfit.

Macey Anne Shields

My sister Cristy was surprised a couple weeks early with a valentine of her own. Macey Anne Shields, that's right, Anne, named after her favorite aunt, yours truely :Đ was born Feb. 13, weighing 7 lb 7 oz and is the most adorable baby girl ever. She has the most dainty little features and hands. She's definitely a girl.
She and Grey are only about three months apart so they'll be kissin' cousins. This will be Cristy's third girl and Macey's older sisters couldn't be more excited.

Congratulations Cristy and Derek


Grey is already in love with Macey. Every time he sees her he just stares, touches her face and talks to her. He's already a big boy, but I had no idea how huge he would look next to a newborn.
It makes me want another one

Monkey Baby
Grey gets so frustrated with his toys, specifically the one he's playing with in the video. He just can't seem to get it to do what he wants and yells at it until he can't take it anymore and starts crying. It's pretty funny. And because his arms and hands aren't working like he thinks they should, he wraps his legs and feet around things like a monkey. His toes are about as long as his fingers, which he gets from his dad, so this technique works out prety well for him.
He's a little bobble head too. He can only hold his heed up for a while and then it just starts bobbling around like a toy. So I have to squish him in the couch to support him.


Tyler said...

Yeah, we love looooove day!

Dave and Britt said...

oh my heck he is growing up so fast! I love the picture with him and macey....its so flippin cute.

Tyler said...

I'm so confused, but this video was not there when I made my post. That is so stinkin cute I can't stand it. I love how he pokes his head up and grunts at you. So so cute

Credit: Header photos by Jessica Kettle Photography.